Orton VENT Master

Orton Downdraft Venting System for use with kilns up to 14 cubic feet.

The Orton 'VentMaster' is easy to install, prevents corrosive and harmful fumes that are produced from firing certain clays and glazes from entering the workspace. This means that the fumes are extracted directly from the bottom of the kiln into ducting and dont get to attack the exterior of the kiln. The corrosive fumes also spend less time inside the kiln attacking your elements and thermocouples. The vent system makes sure there is enough oxygen (a small amount of air is sucked into the top of the kiln as the fumes are directly extratcted from the bottom) in the kiln for colours to fully develop during glaze firings and burn organics out of the clay during bisque firings. It helps improve the temperature uniformity inside the kiln for kilns that dont already have zone control and helps increase the life of the heating elements and thermocouples on all kilns.

The Orton Vent Master System includes:

  • Includes Motor and Housing
  • 1.2m length of 2 diameter high temperature hose
  • cast aluminum collection cup with spring loaded and threaded pedestal
  • gasket
  • instruction manual
  • kiln safety manual
  • ¼ drill bit
  • vent cap
  • samples of Orton Self-supporting pyrometric cones
  • Cones and Firing pamphlet


Due Back into stock End of October.

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