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We distribute EVENHEAT KILNS - Hi-fire Ceramic, Glass, Knife and Precious Metal Clay Specialty Electric Kilns ... built for Australia.

We have closed our walk in warehouse facility and are now an online only business. 

Please order goods online or contact us by email for products and stock availability.  

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Featured products

1413 Ceramic HIGH FIRE KILN

SKU: KL HF1413
The HIGH FIRE 1413 is designed specifically for the home porcelain, pottery and china artist. The size is just perfect. The HF 1413 is constructed of 3" firebrick throughout to allow for cone 10 work with ease and greater efficiency.
$4,840.00 $4,510.00

1818 Ceramic HIGH FIRE KILN

SKU: KL HF1818
The HF 1818 is at home in the personal porcelain/china and clay studios. For the porcelain artist its large size allows for larger and more pieces and works particularly well in teaching situations. The kiln has two thermocouples and zone control making it particularly even in heat and ideal for High temperature firing.
$5,720.00 $5,610.00

Orton VENT Master

Orton Downdraft Venting System for use with kilns up to 14 cubic feet.