1818 Ceramic HIGH FIRE KILN

The HF 1818 is at home in the personal porcelain/china and clay studios. For the porcelain artist its large size allows for larger and more pieces and works particularly well in teaching situations. The kiln has two thermocouples and zone control making it particularly even in heat and ideal for High temperature firing.
SKU: KL HF1818

HF 1818

The HF 1818 is designed to fire ceramic materials up to 1288°C (2350°F) , cone 10. 

Rampmaster 2 Digital Controller

44.5cm Dia. x 45.7 cm Deep - 76L (17.5" Dia. x 18" Deep - 2.7 cubic feet)

Amperage: 28A

  • 2 Position Lid Vent
  • Swing Away Peephole Cover
  • Rampmaster II Controller
  • Swing View Adjustable Control
  • Well designed stands
  • Multi-Zone Control
  • Lid Security Bar inc Power Cut-Off switch
  • Full Stainless Jacket
  • Excellent Temperature Distribution
  • Corner Mounting Technique
  • 3" Brick Construction

Furniture Kit available: EHKIT OCT2


  • This kiln is currently sold out.
  • Next available due September 


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