1413 Ceramic HIGH FIRE KILN

The HIGH FIRE 1413 is designed specifically for the home porcelain, pottery and china artist. The size is just perfect. The HF 1413 is constructed of 3" firebrick throughout to allow for cone 10 work with ease and greater efficiency.
SKU: KL HF1413

RMII HIGH FIRE 1413 is a top loading kiln designed to fire china and porcelain materials up to 1288°C (2350°F), Cone 10 on a daily basis.

Internal dimensions:

36.8cm diameter and 33.5cm high, 1.3cubic feet,

Electrical requirements:

Single phase and 15 amp power - This kiln is supplied with a lead and Australian standard 15Amp plug.


  • Rampmaster 2 digital controller
  • 2 position lid vent
  • 64mm brick construction
  • corner mounting technique
  • excellent temperature distribution
  • full stainless jacket
  • lid security bar,
  • swing away peephole
  • great lid handle

A furniture kit is available EHKIT 1413

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