Rampmaster with Express Mode digital control board. Ideal for Glass kilns and Kilns for heat treating.
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Rampmaster with Express Mode

The Rampmaster w/ Express Mode is Evenheats full featured automatic temperature control. It offers two programming methods depending on your needs and experience: Express Mode and Custom Mode.

Express Mode is a programming method designed exclusively for glass work and offers an easy, 3 step programming process. Simply key in your glass COE, firing style and firing speed to create the firing program. It's quick, it's easy and it's accurate.

Custom Mode is a programming method that allows you to define all aspects of the firing from temperature rates to set points and hold times. Custom Mode offers full artistic control.

The Rampmaster with Express Mode also features many single key features like Skip Ahead, Add Time and Add Temp.

New features include Evenheat's updated Alarm package that alerts you when the glass begins to change shape and when it's headed for the anneal. You'll never miss an opportunity to be at the kiln when you need to be!

The Rampmaster with Express Mode has set a new standard for glass kiln design and control. 

Express Mode Programming:

The new Rampmaster with Express Mode offers the artist an uncomplicated method of programming with the use of professionally developed preset firing data. Simply key in the COE of the glass you're using, the desired firing style and firing speed. Thats it. The Rampmaster with Express Mode uses this information to automatically create your firing program. It's quick, it's easy and above all accurate.

Express Mode Offers Easy, 3 Step Programming

Choose Your COE: 90, 96 or 82

Choose Your Firing Style: Slumping, Tack-Fuse, Full Fuse or Casting

Choose Your Speed: Fast, Medium, Slow or Extra Slow

That's it, you're Ready to Fire!

With Express Mode, you're welcome to fire glass from many manufacturers, it's not limited to a single brand or COE. The preset firing data was professionally developed on Evenheat equipment: you know it works and works well. All Rampmaster equipped kilns are being shipped with the new Express Mode Feature. There's no need to special order.

Custom Mode Programming:

Develop your own firing programs using the Custom Mode. Custom Mode allows you to determine your specific temperature rates, set points and hold times. Custom Mode Programming offers 12 individual programs. Each of the 12 programs allows for up to 32 firing segments. As with Express Mode, all On-the-Fly features such as adding time to holds and skipping ahead to the anneal are available.

Modify Preset Express Mode Programs:

The preset Express Mode firing data was professionally developed for glass use on Evenheat kilns. They perform very well as written. However, they're not written in stone and you do have the option of adjusting and modifying this preset data. This is a powerful feature that allows you to actually customize the preset Express Mode firing data more to your taste. We all like to tailor settings to meet our individual needs and the Modify Express Mode feature allows for that.

12 Custom Mode Programs:

The Rampmaster allows the artist to save up to 12 Custom Mode programs in memory. Your programs remain in these 12 locations indefinitely and can be recalled for use or modification at any time.

Up to 32 Segments per Program:

Firing programs are built using segments. The Rampmaster allows you to use up to 32 segments for each Custom Mode firing program. Typical glass programs generally use 8 segments or less. However, some firing programs may need more. You'll never run out of space!

Add Time to Hold While Firing:

It's not uncommon when firing to discover that the amount of hold time you have chosen for your fuse or slump just isn't long enough to give you what you want. The ADD TIME feature was designed for times like these. The ADD TIME feature increases the hold temperature by 5 minutes (factory default) with every press of the ADD TIME key. It's a nice On-the-Fly feature that works well in the heat of battle!

Add Temperature to Hold While Firing:

Often when firing you'll find that the temperature you have chosen for your fuse or slump just isn't hot enough to give you what you want. The ADD TEMP feature was designed for times like these. The ADD TEMP feature increases the hold temperature by 5° (factory default) with every press of the ADD TEMP key. Like the Add Time feature, the Add Temp feature uses a dedicated, single function key to make use easy and anxiety-free.

Skip Ahead to Next Segment:

You'll find moments in glass firing when your glass is perfect but the controller says There's still work to do. You're not out of luck as the SKIP AHEAD feature comes to the rescue. The SKIP AHEAD feature does what it sounds like: it skips ahead to the next segment. With glass firing, the segment right after the fusing or slumping operation is the anneal, which is exactly where you want to go. It's great feature that allows you to make the glass you want to make.

Upgraded Alarm Features: 

The Alarm features have been upgraded to include two new alarms that help you to be at the kiln when you need to be.

Beginning of Process Alarm - The Beginning of Process alarm alerts you when your glass is about to start taking on new shape and form, such as when slumping or fusing. Knowing when this occurs is helpful as it puts you in a timely position to react to the glass changes and make decisions and adjustments as necessary. This is a critical point in the firing and this alarm feature helps you exercise complete control over your glass.

End of Process Alarm - The End of Process alarm alerts you when your glass has completed the shape changing process and is headed to the anneal portion of the firing. This allows you to be present to stop further movement of the glass and to force cool down to the anneal if desired.

Suspend the Firing:

The Suspend feature works much like the Add Time feature, but with a twist: you may suspend the program (cause the temperature to hold) at any point in the firing program, not just at the programmed hold point. The suspend feature temporarily interrupts the firing and holds at the currently displayed temperature. Once the suspend is cancelled, or times out, the firing program begins where it left off. It essentially lets you "buy some time" at any point in the firing.

Power Tame Lid Element Control:

Power Tame is a feature that allows the artist to reduce the lid element heat without affecting the side element heat. This feature comes in handy when doing deep and difficult slumping procedures. Need more heat on the side elements and less on the lid? The Power Tame does just that. Functional only on kiln models designed with top and side heating elements.

View Segment Data:

While firing, the Rampmaster displays the basic information of current temperature and time. It does not display your program settings. Doing so would be overwhelming and confusing, and that's not good. However, there are times during a firing when this information must be known and View feature does just that. Was it 1445° or 1455°? Was it 7 minutes or 10 minutes? What segment am I in anyway? Questions like these are answered with the simple press of a key.

Back Key:

The BACK key has a very simple function: it takes you back to what you were viewing previously. It's helpful during programming to check previously entered data and it comes in handy when going through various Menu options. Just press it to go back!

More Features:

The Rampmaster with Express Mode has many more features including a delay start, PC compatibility, error diagnostics and many related menu and viewing options.

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