icon Kiln Controller

3 button Touchscreen kiln controller with optional Wi-Fi interface. This is an upgrade from the Evenheat SetPro Controller.

The Icon is built around Bartlett's new Genesis Spark platform.

The Icon / Spark was rigorously field-tested by Bartlett, Evenheat and others over the latter course of 2023. Programming was found to be clean and simple. User interaction with the display was deemed excellent. Evenheat's Quiet Drive Solid State relay system performed beautifully.

As with all Evenheat control designs, the Icon adds to an existing control platform with improvements like low-error Special Limits thermocouples for precise temperature sensing and non-metallic faceplates for excellent Wi-Fi reception for the Bartlett mobile App.

icon Controller features include:

  • Touchscreen keypad
  • Suitable for kilns with one Type K thermocouple
  • Automatic adjusting PID
  • Add Time (to current hold period)
  • ConeFire
  • RampHold
  • Temperature Scale: ˚F / ˚C
  • Delay Start
  • Error Codes
  • Computer Interface Available

For detailed information on the Icon (Spark) and mobile App visit Bartlett Instruments at bartinst.com.