ELEMENT - Evenheat RMII 2929

RM2 2929 Kiln 240V, 3 Phase - replacement Element
SKU: EH_2929_06060.000

Heating element for Evenheat 240V 3 phase models 2927, TAP 2929 and RM2 2929.

Please email us at info@firedartaustralia.com.au with any queries. 

This heating element is intended for use in all positions (Positions 1 thru 6 in the 2927 and 3 phase TAP 2929 and RM2 2929). Each element will wrap around twice. Refer to image for heating element position diagram.

Please verify that the Evenheat Kiln model and operating voltage match the specifications listed above before ordering.

Voltage information is printed on the kilns nameplate.

Made with quality Kanthal A-1 Element Wire.

All electrical work should be carried out by a qualified Electrician