PMC3 Clay

Mitsubishi Material Trading Corporation Japan the manufacturers of Precious Metal Clay have changed the pack sizes for some of their products:

PMC3 is available in the following sizes:   

  • 15gm
  • 50gm 

PMC 3 is the strongest fine silver clay and is versatile enough for use with a variety of components and a wide range of firing schedules. PMC3 fires at temperatures as low as 600°C for 30 minutes, making it suitable for use with glass.

PMC3 shrinks about 10-12% during firing. Composition: 90% fine silver powder; 10% organic binder. 

Firing Schedules:

    • 900°C  for 2 hours (recommended for maximum strength)
    • 700°C for 10 minutes
    • 650°C for 20 minutes
    • 600°C for 30 minutes


PMC3 CLAY 15gm

* NEW SIZE* 999 Fine Silver Clay
$64.43 $37.88

PMC3 CLAY 50gm

PMC3 .999 Fine Silver Clay Recommended where strength is important
$185.62 $126.20

PMC3 PASTE 15 Gram

PMC paste is suitable for use with all other types of PMC, both fired and unfired.
$67.57 $38.78


PMC syringe combines with any PMC or use by itself PMC syringe comes loaded with 9 grams of PMC3 and one tip
$45.57 $24.57