PMC Pro Clay

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PMC PRO is the strongest and most durable form of silver clay ... ideal for making rings and bracelets.

PMC PRO™ silver clay is significantly stronger than the other Silver Metal Clays making it the ideal choice for rings, delicate designs and functional components such as clasps, hinges and prongs. In fact anything that requires a bit more strength and durability. 

• Works and feels just like other forms of PMC®. You have longer working time with PMC PRO™ and it is easy to carve and join. 
• PMC PRO can be used with the same tools used for other metal clay; however it is important to rinse or wipe them clean before switching clays.

PMC PRO™ is available on 25g and 50gm packages.

Composition: Metal powder (90%silver, 10% copper alloy), water and organic binder
Shrinkage: 15–20%
Color: Grey

Kiln fire only.

  • Firing temperature: 760°C for 1 hour in a stainless steel firing pan, embedded in coconut shell–based activated carbon.
  • Ensure you have about 15mm of carbon surrounding each piece; avoid using too much carbon, as this will reduce the temperature inside the container
  • For one or two small pieces, it is possible to fire at the same temperature and reduce the firing time to 30 minutes.
  • For larger pieces and full loads, fire at the same temperature for 2 hours. 
  • Melting point:790°C