OneFire Sterling PMC Clay

Save $ when you Create a SINGLE FIRE Sterling Silver by combining

PMC STERLING Clay with PMC3 at a ratio of 1:1

Order: PMC Single Fire 100gm

Mitsubishi Material Trading Corporation Japan the manufacturers of Precious Metal Clay have changed the pack sizes for some of their products:

PMC 950 OneFire Sterling is now available in the following sizes:

  • 25gm 
  • 50gm     Limited Stock .... Also available for pre-order

This type of Precious Metal Clay has superior strength and beautiful finish in a pre-mixed clay combining PMC3 and PMC Sterling clay.

Firing is simple ...

Fire in your kiln at full speed to 870-900ºC and hold for one hour!

PMC 950 OneFire Sterling 50gm size packs are not a standard stock item. We may have limited stock. It is available to pre-order... please contact us for ordering etc

OneFire PMC 950 Sterling 25gms

SKU: PMC07-25
950 Sterling Silver Clay ** NEW Size
From $79.20

OneFire PMC 950 Sterling 50gms

SKU: PMC07-50
950 Sterling Silver Clay ** NEW Size
From $146.30

PMC Single Fire 100gm

SKU: PMC960-100
Make your own Single Fire Precious Metal clay by mixing equal parts of PMC3 and PMC Sterling. This kit contains PMC3-50gm pack Plus 2 x PMC Sterling-25gm packs