The Dyna-Lift is Evenheat's Patented lid lift assist. This model will fit the HF2318
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The Dyna-Lift is Evenheat's Patented lid lift assist. The Dyna-Lift lid lift assist is the best designed, best performing lift assist available.

The Dyna-Lift lightens the force needed to operate the kiln lid. It does so with ease and grace and with no negative effects upon the kiln itself. Hallmarks of the design include no kiln body connection, single point lifting and emphasis on allowing the lid to act naturally.

The Dyna-Lift attaches directly to the kiln stand and lid handle. All kilns capable of using the Dyna-Lift have been built as "Dyna-Lift Ready" since July 2011. Simply attach to your kiln stand and lid handle and you're ready to go. It's a very easy install.

If your kiln was built prior to July 2011 you will need a new stand that is designed to accept the Dyna-Lift.

Image shows Dyna-Lift attached to stand - Stand not included in price

The Dyna-Lift is not designed to fit other kiln brands.

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