KNIFE KILN KF18 - RM3 Controller SSR

The KF 18 is from the popular KF Series heat treat oven. This model has RM3 controller and Solid State Relays. Solid State Relays are silent in operation and designed to never wear out.

The KF 18 is a fairly deep design (45.7cm) and with ample power makes it a perfect fit for both the casual and dedicated blade maker.

The KF 18 features Evenheat's Rampmaster controler, a swing-out door and cool-touch handle for comfortable use, full stainless jackets and corner mounted hardware for strength and a variety of control options.

This kiln is 13Amp power and is supplied with an Australian standard 15Amp plug and lead attached.

KF 18 Features

  • Access Port (Pat. Pend.)
  • Cool-Touch Handle
  • Corner Mounting Technique
  • Excellent Temperature Distribution
  • Full Stainless Jacket
  • Loud Alarm Output Jack
  • Multiple Control Options
  • Responsive Thermocouples
  • Side Opening Door
  • Swing View Adjustable Control



Chamber Size

25.4cm W x 16.5cm H x 45.7cm D - 19.3L (10" W x 6.5" H x 18" D - .68 cubic feet)

Electrical Specifications

Operating Voltage: 240V
Amperage: 13A
Watts: 3120W

Maximum Usable Temperature: 1204°C (2200°F) 
Shipping Weight: 43.2kg (95lb)

Quiet Drive Solid State Relay

Solid state relays are special switches used to turn the heating elements on and off. Solid state relays enhance control performance, extend the life of the heating elements and are expected to last the life of the kiln.

Our Quiet Drive Solid State relays can turn the heating elements on and off up to 60 times per second as opposed to traditional mechanical relays that tend to be limited to about once every 10 seconds. This fast response time translates into tighter and more precise temperature regulation.

Evenheat uses special solid state relays that will only switch the heating elements on and off when the AC voltage is at 0V. It's called "Zero Crossing" and our heating elements love it and they show that love by lasting longer!

Solid state, by its nature, has no moving parts (that's why it's called solid state). No moving parts means nothing to wear out and nothing to replace. Unlike traditional mechanical relays our solid state relays are expected to last the life of the kiln.

Evenheat's Quiet Drive Solid State Relay System is quite simply the best designed, overbuilt and most reliable solid state relay system available.

You can reserve your kiln with a 20% deposit.

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