Octagon 2 Furniture Kit for 44.5cm wide (17.5") kilns Furniture kit recommended for use with Evenheat models RM II 1822, HF 1818, Deluxe 10 1822, 4320 and 1822-S.

This kit can also be used with any kiln brand and model with a minimum diameter of 44.5cm (17.5").

Furniture Kit includes: 

  • One (1) 38cm Half Shelf
  • Two (2) 38cm Full Shelves
  • Four (4) each of 2.5cm, 5cm, 7.6cm, 10cm, 12.7cm and 15cm Posts. All posts 2.5cm square.
  • One (1) Haik Brush
  • One (1) 450gms Kiln Wash

Available Only with a kiln.

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SHELF - ROUND 38.5cm diam (15 1/2")

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KILN WASH (1 LB) 450gm BAG

Kiln wash is a non hardening protective coating used to prevent ware from sticking to kiln shelves and posts